Researching Social Media: book overview

Contemporary changes in digital media have created many opportunities for research of a kind not possible before as a huge quantity of information is now published online in the form of blogs, Twitter posts, YouTube videos and discussions on Social Network Sites (SNS) such as Facebook. Effectively exploiting the data comes with many challenges and to gather and process online content on a large scale requires an approach drawing on subject and technical expertise from a range of different disciplines including media and communication studies, internet studies and information and computer science. This book helps researchers to overcome these challenges by providing practical research methods for those using social media data in their research. By concentrating on individual social media ‘objects’, it encourages readers to explore a range of different objects to study.

This book will be an invaluable guide for all students and researchers using social media data in their research. We will blog book updates alongside our other social media research on this website.

  1. Pete said:

    What’s the book called? What is its ISBN? How about a link to where I could buy one? Any vid clips of the authors talking about it?

    • Thanks for your comment. The book is called ‘Researching Social Media’ and will be published by Sage next year as a text book in their Research Methods series. Once we have details of where people can pre-order the book, we will post the link on the website. Until then, we will use the website to highlight issues that we will discuss in more detail in the book, so please check back. Thanks for your interest in our work.

  2. Sisse said:

    The other day I bought a newly published book, which is also about researching social media and networks: Hansen, Schneiderman and Smith (2011): Analyzing Social Media Networks with NodeXL. Insights from a Connected World. Amsterdam, Boston etc.: Elsevier. It is great.

    • Thanks for your comment Sisse. We know the book you mention well and as you say it is great and makes an important contribution to the field. However, as the title suggests, it only deals with social network analysis. And although this is now increasingly becoming a dominant method for approaching social media, it is not the only one and for many researchers social network analysis may not be what they want to pursue. Or at least, it may not be the only method they wish to pursue.

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